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TEP s.r.l. is established in Milan, from an idea of Sergio Mammi, civil Engineer and Founder of ANIT, Italian Association for Thermal and Acoustic insulation.

1992 - 2007

These are the years of the consolidation of the firm, with the recruitment of qualified staff and the development of the first series of softwares to support the design of the building structure. An editorial series of technical manuals is started along with the scientific quarterly magazine neo-Eubios, still published today.


The year is marked by the sudden death of Sergio and the assignment of his daughter Susanna as CEO of the firm.

2009 - 2016

Despite the financial crisis, the team move forward with enthusiasm and the company acquires a new office with a large meeting room developing even more its activity of professional training. The “Casakyoto” project is successfully concluded as one of the first experiment of energy improvement on a whole existing building in the neighbourhood of Varese.


The company moves in the current and high-profile location of via Lanzone.


Three new partners join the firm bringing their well-established expertise and the company acquires a more focused purpose to work with all the actors of the sustainable building, from the private to the public sector.



The story continues full of passion and new ideas in the already traced direction.

Our team

Susanna Mammi

Sole director

Valeria Erba

Technical staff

Claudia Salani

Software development

Michela Rognoni

Press office

Alessandro Panzeri

Technical staff

Rossella Esposti

Technical staff

Stefania Carli

Event organization

Gaia Piovan

Technical staff

Matteo Borghi

Technical staff

Stefano Benedetti

Acoustic measurements

Marika Tonani

Front office

Nadia Stefanetti

Software development

Giorgio Galbusera

Technical staff

Carlotta Bersani

Technical staff

Lucia Bianchi

Event organization